Preventive Measures for Drain Blockage: Tips from LocalDrains

At LocalDrains, we have years of experience when it comes to unblocking and maintaining drains. It’s safe to say we’ve seen and fixed it all. We know that a drain blockage can cause a massive headache, whether it’s a minor domestic problem or a major commercial disruption. Regardless of the location and severity, preventive measures are always better than dealing with the aftermath of a blocked drain catastrophe. So, we’re providing some crucial tips on how to prevent drain blockage.

First and foremost, understanding what causes blockages is key to preventing them. These include food waste, hair, grease, excess toilet paper, objects accidentally flushed down the toilet, and even tree roots infiltrating cracked pipes. Notably, each cause of a blockage comes with its own solution.

Let’s begin with food waste. Leftovers should never be thrown in the sink as even the smallest food particles can accumulate and cause a great deal of trouble. Ideally, collect food waste separately and dispose it of properly in a compost bin.

Next culprit in our list is hair, primarily the cause of bathroom drain clogs. To prevent hair from going down into the drain, consider installing mesh screens or hair catchers over your bathroom drains. This allows water to pass freely while catching hair and cleaning these is a quick and easy task.

Now, onto the grease issue. Annihilating this is as easy as not pouring it down your drains. When you pour grease into your drain, it solidifies and sticks to the sides of the pipes, eventually causing a blockage. So, after cooking, allow the grease to cool, and then dispose of it in a sealed container and toss it in your regular waste.

And how about those ‘foreign objects’? This can be a toy, a piece of clothing, or other non-flushable items for toilets. Place a wastebasket near the toilet and make a rule blocked drains localdrains (especially with kids around) that only toilet paper is to be flushed.

Now, tree roots are an outdoor drain issue and can become a particularly tricky problem to handle. The best preventive measure here is to ensure you plant trees a good distance from any drainage or sewer lines.

Regular cleaning and maintenance is another preventive measure against drain blockages, as most blockages are likely to be due to the gradual buildup over time. You can use bio-friendly treatments or have regularly scheduled cleanings from professionals to keep your drains free-flowing.

However, if you do detect a blockage, early intervention can often prevent a full drain outage. Signs of a blocked drain often include slow water drainage, gurgling sounds from your drains, and unpleasant smells. In such cases, without delay, reach out to us at LocalDrains. We offer professional and efficient drain unblocking services to put your drains back to full operation as quickly as possible.

Remember, prevention is undoubtedly better and cheaper than cure when it comes to drain maintenance. A bit of knowledge and care can save you a good amount of money and frustration in the future. However, when in need, don’t hesitate to call professionals, we’re here to help you keep a free-flowing, blockage-free drainage system. You can always rely on LocalDrains for quality solutions.